Commercial Photography

The two most common use cases for aerial photography in the commercial sector are:
  • marketing your business to potential customers, or
  • for commercial real estate.
If it’s marketing your after, using a drone for your photography needs allows you to showcase your business in a new and unique way, showing your customers your unique business from a unique perspective. AGL Digital Imagery can deliver high resolution stills and video that you can use for printed marketing material, or on your website. 
Are you a real estate agent? Aerial photography is really the only way to capture the whole commercial property for your clients. Besides the ‘beauty shots’ that you will include in your listing, we take detailed pictures of the property (acreage is not a problem), the roof, and surrounding properties that your buyer can use to help made the decision.
Let AGL Digital Imagery capture your business at it’s best to allow you to put your best foot forward for your customers.