Residential Photography

Why add aerial photographs and videos to my listing?

  • Drones can capture the entire property in one stunning shot
  • Aerial photography creates visual intrigue. Properties with accompanying aerial imagery sell 68% faster than properties without aerial imagery (MLS statistic)
  • 83% of homeowners (seller) say they want to work with an agent that uses video to market their home (MLS statistic)
  • Aerial photography can show things that cannot otherwise be easily visualized, such as the condition of the roof or other features, what the drive home looks like, what the kids walk home from school looks like, surrounding properties, community amenities, etc. 

AGL pilots are insured and fully certified by the FAA. 


Below are the starting points for our photography packages. Think of them as the building blocks for your photography package. These packages include travel up to 25 miles from our base of operations. There will be a charge of $0.60 a mile after that.
Any and all airspace authorizations and waivers will be taken care of by AGL Digital Imagery with no additional cost to you.

Basic Package - $250

Standard Package - $350

I want it all! - Contact Us

Our basic package consists of up to 5 high-quality photographs from any desired angle and height to best showcase the property. The basic package also includes 1 15-second video clip like the one above. This can be a fly-over, a look around, or whatever you think will add value to your listing. If you don’t desire a video clip, you can substitute the video for more photographs if we discuss this before the shoot. 

The standard package give you more bang for your buck. You’ll receive up to 10 high-quality images and 30 seconds of video. That can be a 30-second clip, or multiple shorter clips. 

In some cases the property, or the client dictates that a one-size-fits-all package just won’t do. Contact us to see how AGL Digital Imagery can answer your needs. 

Additional Services

Panoramic Aerial Photos - $55

Panoramic Aerial Photos are fully customized to suit each listing to showcase not only the property, but the surrounding area to point out items of special interest. This makes a great addition to any listing.

Mapping - $95

Aerial maps are a great aid to selling a large parcel of land, or a house on acreage. A quality aerial view of a home or property can be of considerable value when determining if the property is right for the prospective buyer.
We will take a number of pictures (typically a few hundred) of the property from above and ‘stitch’ them into one high-resolution image. This is where AGL Digital Imagery far exceeds the quality of a satellite image.